Coachella Music Art Festival, Indio, California

SUPERNOVA is a new emotional monument and place of encounters at Coachella Music and Art Festival 2018 by Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt / R & R Studios of Miami.

The origin of SUPERNOVA is in the sky, the idea of hope and the world of tomorrow.  SUPERNOVA is a twelve point forty feet tall polychromatic star, an explosion of light and color celebrating music, art and the future of everyone together at the green in Coachella. The project doubles as a low-tech satellite simultaneously capturing and beaming good vibes to the world. The radiant star defines a circular magnetic field performing as a social meeting space at the main field of Coachella.

SUPERNOVA brightness is made of a constellation of thirteen stars. A single multidirectional star made of twelve stars each facing a different direction. Out of many, one star is born.  SUPERNOVA is like a shooting star, a temporary streak of light to navigate our time and guides to new adventures.

SUPERNOVA is a mirage that we can touch, an instant landmark to Wish Upon a Star…An unforgettable luminous symbol of a new world of possibilities for all.